About Me

I am a final-year undergraduate from the Indian Institute Of Technology, Kharagpur, pursuing my major in physics. Other than physics I spend most of my time writing code, making memes 😅 and listening music (red hot chili peppers). Computer science, philosophy, and physics are a few of my interests. I have been actively involved in two startups but I am not an entrepreneur :p.

Contact Details

Karan Pratap Singh
IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal
721302, India

+91 9800525888


I am doing web development from last 3 years, worked with JS, PHP, node, flask and bootstrap I also have good Experience with DevOps, I have worked with Docker, kubernetes, load blancers, reverse proxies.

  • Programing Languages
  • : • PHP
  • • Julia
  • • JavaScript
  • • Python
  • Tools
  • : • Unity 3D
  • • MATLAB & Octave
  • • MySQL & Mongodb
  • • OpenCV

Some Trash

I like developing animations using JavaScript and newtons laws of motion (I am physics guy 😛). This is one of them which survived my later experiments. try out